Weekly Therapeutic Group Classes


What Is a Therapeutic Group Class?

An inclusive yoga class with a therapeutic intention, where practices are offered with options and choice for you to embody and apply what works for you based on your experience. Together we explore movement, breath, stillness, mindfulness, and other mind-body tools that may assist you in cultivating connection and grounding in yourself, creating and maintaining health and wellbeing. To allow balance in your therapeutic practice and within yourself, different classes will have a range of focus and more specific intention for you to choose from.

What Is a Therapeutic Intention?

A therapeutic intention is a focus on care and healing, improving your experience and wellbeing, cultivating beneficial and meaningful change in your life. 

How are Therapeutic Group Classes Different?

Weekly offerings of embodiment practices, functional tools, sustainable movement, for you to explore and continue to learn ways to connect, create balance and healing for yourself while in community. Classes can be a place to learn something new, to maintain and grow in your practices and connections.

Therapeutic Group Classes are rooted in the concepts of Yoga Therapy and Embodiment to offer you a group class that's inclusive, accessible, trauma-informed, with a therapeutic intention and options/choice for you to be in control of your practice and understand what feels right and works for you in each moment.

Why Choose Weekly Classes?

As embodied alive beings we are in constant flux as we move through each moment of our days; to keep our ground and become resilient to whatever we encounter we need to come back to connections through ourselves and keep moving in repetition and in new ways. We thrive when we move and rest our bodies in a mindful, therapeutic way that helps to create balance for specific healing and general wellbeing.

You Can Improve and Maintain: 

  • mobility and flexibility 

  • stability and strength

  • balance/coordination

  • energy and rest

  • resiliency to stress

  • reduced anxiety

  • mental health

  • self and co-regulation

  • healing relationship

  • embodiment/connection

Check Current Class Offerings Below

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Current Class Offerings


Mindful Relaxation

Therapeutic Group Class

Wednesdays 7:00-8:00pm

In a small, therapeutic setting you can join from home: class is based on guided relaxation and mindful focus on areas of the body and self in longer held poses to create embodied calm and presence, and rest with guided visualization to help you feel more grounded.
Poses are intended to passively release the muscles, connective tissues, fascia, and joints- as well as our deeply integrated emotions and experiences. We can learn to notice, feel and let go with less resistance and lay the foundation for meaningful change and resilience.
We are mindful without judgement, with choice and a trauma-sensitive approach.
This can help build connection, nervous system balance, and may benefit chronic pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, coping skills.

Offers a calm space to slow down down the mind, and find deeper relaxation in the body to both heal and care for oneself.

Gentle Move & Rest

Therapeutic Group Class

Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm

With a therapeutic intention, our class explores slow, repetitive movement and gentle stretch with breath and rest, while focusing on your personal experience of sensations and feelings in each moment.
Offerings incorporate functional, sustainable, and intuitive movement to help you mobilize, release, and find your balance, paired with deep relaxation in restful positions- all coming back to connection within yourself. Through space to feel and choose how you move and rest, our bodies, minds, and nervous systems can settle and learn to feel safe in movement, stillness and connection.
This can assist us in unwinding from our day, releasing stress, trauma, and holding patterns; sustaining more ease and grounding as we move through our lives.
Offers you time and space to learn and explore embodiment, stillness, and movement as a healing and self-care practice.