What Is 1:1 Yoga Therapy?



1:1 Sessions with Certified Yoga Therapist Kaitie Bowen

What Is It? 

Yoga Therapy is an integrated mind-body therapy that blends Western Science with Eastern Philosophy, alchemizing modern psychology and anatomy, as well as ancient mindfulness and concepts. In a 1:1 session we work together to find practices that work for you based on your current needs, goals, condition, and assessments. We will explore and see what feels best for you, as offerings may include movement, still poses, breath, meditation, and mental practices. The intention is to find tangible tools that you can use on your own to cope, find balance, initiate healing, increase resiliency, and become more embodied. Your yoga therapy will be unique to you, and be realistic for what will fit in your life, creating a short routine or simple practices as a way to use your tools, yourself, both in and out of session.

Session Outline

An initial session will start with a health history form, an intake and a few questions, with time for you to share and us to discuss. This is followed by assessments, exploratory practices, and concluded with any comments or questions. Afterwards a written or recorded version of your practices will be sent to you to use at home. Subsequent sessions will continue with a check-in on previous sessions and any new concerns, we may reassess or revisit practices, and go deeper into and expand your practice with more time. You'll always receive a copy of your practices so you don't have to worry about remembering it all in the moment.


For physical assessment, the Integrated Systems Model is used. The ISM acknowledges past injuries, posture, and movement patterns as contributing factors to our current state. We aim to address the symptoms but discover the root cause. This can be through many physical layers, but can also be driven by our emotional, mental, deeper parts of our intricate, connected selves. What's going on outside can inform our inside, and what we're feeling inside can affect our outside; you are an embodied being. To consider you as a whole, or focus on deciphering more emotional and mental concerns, an energetic assessment using the Koshas(layers) is done. By getting to the root cause, physical, emotional, or both, we can work to create more lasting change and betterment for your life. 


In session Trauma Informed principles are used so the choice is always yours, and while I offer to you, share with you, guide you, you choose where we go. Through having a better understanding of yourself and body, you can learn to notice how you're feeling, and use your body as a resource to be more in control and resilient in the world. To regulate your nervous system and change your brain response, practices incorporating concepts from Neuroplasticity and The Polyvagal Theory are used to rewire and create internal connections.

We heal best within connection- to the earth, to ourselves, and within healthy relationships where we can co-regulate and receive. I intend to create a safe space for you to be heard, and seen as an individual with understanding, without judgement. A place for you to connect, to come back to yourself. 

When It May Benefit You

This can be for healing and creating a bigger shift from trauma, mental issues, physical conditions, injuries. It can also be to find balance from the work our bodies do for us, and experiences we go through daily. Just like we might do maintenance on our belongings, we need time to rest and restore; to keep us in better alignment, to maintain mobility and stability, to continue our mental health and wellbeing. It's intended to be accessible to all ages, abilities, and can be applied to any walk of life. 

Some conditions/concerns that can benefit from yoga therapy can include but are not limited to:  

chronic pain, muscular tension, joint stiffness, nerve impingement, postural misalignments, mobility/stability, irritable digestion, respiratory problems, circulation issues, recovery from injury, nervous system disorders, sleep issues, anxiety, habits, disordered eating, depression, grief, traumatic experiences, stress.

What It Can Be For You

Yoga therapy can be the bridge between when you need both mental and body practices to express and move it through the body, when you're not sure. It can fill the gap where you might feel nothing is working for you, you want more than temporary relief, something you can do. It can be a middle ground, a complimentary therapy, a holistic yet scientific approach, where you're seen as innately whole. A soft landing where you can receive help, but to also find grounding in yourself, and recognize that you can be your greatest healing power. Yoga as therapy grows with you, changes with you, and your toolbox of resources within expands with you. If you choose, it can be your map to help you navigate through your journey, wherever the winds of change may shift you. 

1:1 Yoga Therapy Options


  • 1hr Initial Session "Grounding"

  • 1hr Progression Session "Ground & Grow"

  • 1.5hr Progression Session+ "Space to Ground & Grow"

  • 30min Check-In Session "Come Back to Connection"

  • 4 1hr Sessions "Progression Package"