Kaitie Bowen



Kaitie is a Certified Yoga Therapist, with over 1500 hours of combined Yoga Training and 6+ years teaching yoga/movement. As a Yoga Therapist she has specialized training in ISM Physical Assessment/Adjustment, Functional Movement/Anatomy, Accessible Yoga for Conditions and Aging, Trauma-Informed Yoga, and Yoga for Mental Health. Her clinic experience lends her skills in Chronic Pain management, physical misalignment/mobility issues, recovery from injury and traumatic experience, coping with anxiety and stress in the body, support for depression and grief.

   Her own long term struggles with mental health, injury, and pain that didn't benefit from conventional symptomatic treatment alone, led her to search for ways to bring healing into her own hands with natural allies. For her Yoga Therapy was the bridge that connected mind and body practices, laying the foundation with personal tools; allowing the journey of healing and coming back home to oneself to unfold. Her yoga therapy has been a map to help her manage, balance and keep connection, and is a continual process that is always changing. This is what she hopes to share with you, supporting, guiding, and empowering you along your journey.

   Kaitie loves to explore, observe, and express; in her practice and in how she lives her life. She enjoys time outside to play and find adventure, on the path there and in the trees. By the water, she feels at home, seeing poetry all around her, and connecting with her family and friends. In her home in North Vancouver she spends time inside continuing her yoga, playing with Chaya cat, dancing, writing, making art, learning. When she’s out in the world she likes to collect rocks, vintage clothes, questions. She creates herbal concoctions, homemade food, upholstery/furniture, gardens.

 Kaitie values knowledge but also intuition and feeling, while she hopes to share her skills, she is always growing as she learns about herself and the world. She is curious and always questioning, recognizing the constant in change and no one right way. She cares passionately for social justice, empathy and humanity in all, caring for the earth as care in ourselves. She believes the darkness can lead to more light, it’s not always easy but it’s worth it. We have everything you need within, yet we can grow and thrive with love. Difference creates balance, that we’re not so separate but woven into the fabric of life. You can look out, to come within. Connection is key for healing, also purpose and contentment.


Diploma in Yoga Therapy- Certification-VSOHA

Foundations of Yoga Therapy 300hr

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 300hr

Yoga Teacher Training Enriched 240hr

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Kidding Around Kids Yoga Training


Herbal Medicine Making 

Herbal Immersion 

Barre/Fitness Trainings

Dance: Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Tap

Psychology, Sociology, English Courses

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